Thursday, May 6, 2010

Political Hot Potato

by Richard Crews
Some people say that whichever party wins the current election in Great Britain will then be out of power for a generation. Why? Because no matter who wins they will have to raise taxes and cut government services.

The same may be pretty much true in the U.S.

Obama's successes--
--a spectacular overhaul and stimulation of the U.S. education system
--a rebuilding of U.S. foreign policy and relations
--a heroic but stumbling start at revamping the U.S. health-care system (which costs too much, has poor and uneven quality standards, and serves too few)
--significant environmental protections and energy shifts

He will probably also be able to get through--
--financial system regulations
--robust but humane immigration reforms (strong borders plus modified amnesty)

He will probably not be able to--
--more than scratch the surface of the U.S's. staggering infra-structure problems
--attack the U.S's. ridiculous tax laws (simplifying the income tax, closing loopholes, establishing a value-added tax)
--achieve any semblance of bipartisanship in Washington

As a result of heroic accomplishments addressing the load of problems that were passed to him on his inaugural plate, he (and the Dems) will be ridden out of town on a rail (starting this November and continuing two and four years thereafter).